Strategies for Funding Student Mental Health Programs


In this episode, Chris Leonard talks with Pat Hovey, a leader and innovator among NJ Directors of Special Services. Pat has worked to implement and fund successful programs for students with mental health problems in several school districts, as well as advising other districts. Chris and Pat discuss the process of obtaining funding for student mental health support, and available funding sources.


  • Your first point of contact when looking to fund a student mental health program
  • The easiest funding sources that Directors of Special Services already have access to
  • Frequently overlooked funding sources you can use for mental health programs
  • Strategies for getting buy-in from districts leaders's important to understand the foundational issue of mental health and the impact it has on student achievement. I had someone say to me today, ‘I know somebody in my buildings will be able to cure cancer. But if I don't deal with their mental health right now, they're never going to get the opportunity to explore that.’ “


“ I can't just think of my students in special education. I have to think of the overall impact to the general population. So I have to be creative…”


Get the companion guide: Funding Student Mental Health Programs in NJ Public Schools

Get more detailed information about the funding sources discussed in the podcast, and specifically how you can take advantage of each one for school-based mental health support and intervention programs.


guide for funding student mental health programs in NJ schools


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